About us


ARTONER FRUCTCENTER KFT. was established in 1994 and deals with the wholesale trade of fresh vegetables and fruits. Our trading activity primarily involves horseradish, sour cherry, plum, pepper and watermelon.

The purchased products are warehoused in cold store after being sorted. The vegetables and fruits are transported to the fresh market or the processing industry in accordance with the customers’ demands. We implement audited IFS quality management system. The company cooperates yearly with around 800-1000 vegetable and fruit producers. In the frame of our production management activity, we provide information and, in certain cases, financing for our producers. Our aim is to establish stable, long-term cooperation based on mutual benefits with both our suppliers and customers.

Our central site is located in Nyíradony, and we have a modern cold store warehouse built in 2010 in Bagamér especially for storing horseradish, enabling us to sell horseradish continuously throughout the year. Both sites are situated in the North Great Plane, one of the main vegetable and fruit producing regions of Hungary.